GURJEET KAUR VIG - Finance Director

Known by the name of Tina Vig in the business circles, Tina Vig is the Director of Finance in Ronak Advertising.

She has done her B.A. in English Honors from S.I.E.S. College ( Sion ) and her post graduation from Xaviers Institute of Communications ( XIC ) in Journalism.

Although coming from a different educational background, Tina started handling day to day accounts of the company as "it was the need of the hour at that time". She has learned a lot from her husband who has always being very supportive, encouraging her to learn the ropes of Accountancy.

Being from the Journalism background, Tina always thrived to do something in the field of Journalism. She got an excellent opportunity, when her colleague, Mr. Pervez Khan, started a local Newspaper, ‘21st Century Commercial‘ for Navi Mumbai. She was the Special Features Correspondent for the paper. Every week she wrote about a woman who was successful in her own field, under the Heading of ‘Women Empowerment’.

Being wife of the M.D. she also takes care of the CSR activities of the group, like maintaining dividers and gardens in Vashi. She has also been heading the RONAK HOT CAREERS Education Fair for the past 2 years.