Changing the face of Thane
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Lake City to a Beautiful City

The lake city has recently been beautified by Ronak advertising in association with Thane Municipal Corporation taking up the initiative. This initiative is a brilliant example of transformation of a seemingly mundane requirement into an urge for awareness of our environment around, while also making a small contribution to the city in glorifying it.

Thane Station

The station area traffic improvement scheme is first of its kind of project in the country. This rests on pillars from five sides; the dome structure is an engineering marvel adding to the beauty of the dome. We have lightened this area by colorful focus lamps. Daily approx 7,00,000 commuters utilize this area. It is outside Thane Railway station which divides into two floors, where on the upper floor there is a TMT bus terminal and on the ground floor there is an auto stand and taxi stand. This area has been made into a free Wi-Fi zone. There are special rest rooms are for bus conductors and drivers, entire Thane maps are installed on several spots, TV sets have been installed for the passengers, drinking water facilities are made available and housekeeping people are deployed to maintain complete cleanliness of this area.
Nitin Flyover

Initially, this area under the bridge was in a very bad condition. It remained in a shoddy condition due to unwanted vehicles & waste dumped all over. Also rag pickers & beggars had illegally encroached the area. We then, took over the bridge for its beautification. All this began by cleaning up the entire area with gates set up at both ends. A garden for children, a yoga centre and a peaceful sitting arena for senior citizens made the place full of life and citizen friendly. Multi-colored focus lamps added to the beauty giving it an appealing look. A dedicated Jogging track and one of its kind skating area made sure to accommodate more than 100 kids regularly. The city has now access to suitable sanitation facilities by modern toilets and prompts hygiene maintenance. The well trained housekeeping staff facilitates utmost cleanliness at all times. The professional security team ensures 24x7 assured safety and protection. These beautification projects have succeeded with fruitful outcomes that are highly appreciated from the media & the thane citizens.
Thane Chowks

The beautification of the Thane chowks was undertaken by Ronak Advertising with the aim of promoting a harmonious social order to increase the quality of life. Around 50 chowks were included under this project to effectively implement the vision of the initiative. Installation of sculptures, plantation of saplings and trees along with painting and tiling are some of the infrastructural projects invested in to enhance the surroundings of the chowks. Multi-coloured focus lamps have been installed and maintenance has been regarded as pivotal for the sustained success of these projects and to reap its continued benefits.
Manpada Flyover

The objective of enhancing this infrastructural facility was to invest in the creation of inclusive and engaging spaces. Ronak Advertising has undertaken maintenance along with the installations of multi-coloured focus lamps and benches. We have also invested in the induction of a gymnasium in the vicinity of the flyover for community building and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. Gardening has been actively promoted in the surroundings in order to encourage a greener environment.
Below Nitin Flyover Beautification
Thane Chowks
Manpada Flyover Beautification


Changing the face of Navi Mumbai
NMMC Toilets
Ronak Advertising is committed to spread awareness and improve the overall quality of life in various parts of Navi Mumbai. To achieve this we, at Ronak Advertising took up an initiative to accelerate the sanitation programs in Navi Mumbai by assisting in beautification projects of around 502 toilets surrounding Navi Mumbai. Toilets were renovated and painted with the intention of providing an infrastructure that promotes hygiene and cleanliness. Fresh atmosphere and greenery has been encouraged through plantation of saplings in the surroundings and by placement of potted plants around the premises of the toilets with thorough maintenance of the same. Social messages are painted on the walls with the vision of instilling Social Awareness. For the overall enhancement of the appearance of the area, colourful sign boards have been installed outside the toilets. Through such proactive initiatives, Ronak Advertising has invested in the transformation of the city by beautifying hygiene and sanitation infrastructures.
Beautified NMMC Toilets
13th Floor, Cyber One, Vashi, Navi Mumbai